Iconic Birds of the World w/ Peter Cavanagh

06/18/2020 06:30 PM PT



Are you experiencing travel withdrawal after months of lockdown and cancelled travel plans?


Peter Cavanagh - photographer, filmmaker, former NASA researcher, bird expert, and Lopezian - is here to help! Peter will guide you on a virtual photographic journey to see some of the amazing birds he has encountered on his world travels. Join the Zoom journey on Thursday June 18 at 6:30pm.


Peter will present images and the back stories of birds taken on trips to Iceland, Peru, Antarctica, Brazil, South Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, and many other locations. You will meet toucans and terns, penguins and puffins, hummingbirds and hoatzins, owls and ostriches, and many more of the world’s fascinating avian inhabitants.


Peter is a Pacific Northwest photographer who specializes in photographing birds in flight. His interest in bird flight combines his love of nature, his professional training in biomechanics, his background as an instrument-rated private pilot, and his passion for photography. Visit www.petercavanagh.us to learn more about Peter.


This event is sponsored by Friends of the San Juans. “The summer is usually the season where we’re out exploring and appreciating the islands with our community - since we can’t do that right now, we’re excited to partner with Peter on this exciting talk that will expand our knowledge of wildlife around the world,” said Katie Fleming, Community Engagement Director.


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