Boat Tour: Magic of Waldron Island Farms

09/07/2017 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM PT


  • $135.00


Depart Friday Harbor


Visit a small organic farm on Waldron Island and view some of the others as we walk along the main road. For decades, the Thorsens have farmed Thousand Flower farm on Waldron Island. Raising flowers and produce, they are weekly vendors at the Saturday Farmers Market in Friday Harbor. Living a lifestyle close to the land with homegrown food and a wood heated house, Margaret is also a well-known weaver/artist, and her studio will be part of the tour. The scenic cruise to Waldron takes about 1.5 hours each way and will thread through the seal haul outs near Yellow Island. The walk to the farm from the county dock at Waldron is about 2 miles each way on a smooth but unpaved road.


This micro-adventure boat tour will connect you to rarely seen locations and special experiences. With just 12 people aboard, tours are intimate and informed, providing in-depth knowledge while revealing the wonder of the islands. Sign up early! The $135 admission fee covers the cost of the boat and is not tax-deductible.


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