Boat Tour: San Juans Geology & Connections to Salmon

05/31/2017 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM PT


  • $135.00


Depart Friday Harbor


Where do these islands come from? Why do they look the way they do? Are they still changing? How is the geology of the islands connected to salmon populations? And what can we do to create healthier beaches for fish? Join Tina Whitman, Friends’ Science Director, and Captain Greg Hertel on a voyage of discovery around the south end of Lopez and American camp to find the answers to these questions. 


This micro-adventure boat tour will connect you to rarely seen locations and special experiences. With just 12 people aboard, tours are intimate and informed, providing in-depth knowledge while revealing the wonder of the islands. Sign up early! The $135 admission fee covers the cost of the boat and is not tax-deductible.


Click here to learn more about Captain Greg Hertel and his boat, The Bee.