Salish Sea Stands for Climate Action: People’s Climate March

04/29/2017 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM PT


  • Free


San Juan County Courthouse
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
United States of America


Join us for a rally and march on April 29th in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in solidarity with the Climate Movement Marches throughout the world. Plus the march will end at an electric vehicle and renewable energy fair!

The People’s Climate Movement and Mobilization is part of a larger strategy to push back on Trump’s agenda of climate denial and fossil fuel expansion, and show we support real climate solutions here in the San Juan Islands.

We need your energy, creativity, and leadership — to promote clean energy solutions in our islands and resist fossil fuel infrastructure projects. That’s our best chance of continuing to keep playing offense, even as we defend everything this administration wants to take away. Let’s mobilize!

We hope you’ll be part of it with us — and with the many partners and allies who are helping to make it all happen.

If we want to build the future we need, it will require us joining together to make change. See you on the 29th!


Click here for more information about this international day of action and see the People’s Climate Platform