2017 Great Islands Clean-up

04/22/2017 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT


All Islands


Join a group that’s already been formed, or organize a group of your own to make our islands shine. Connect with your business, school, non-profit, service or neighborhood groups, family and friends and volunteer to help.

San Juan Island:

Roads: David Dehlendorf (360.378.1082 or dauffa@gmail.com)

Beaches: Jana Marks (360.378.2319 or jana@sanjuans.org)

Orcas Island:

Roads and Beaches: Pete Moe (360.376.4089 or pete@exchangeorcas.org)

Lopez Island:

Roads: Nikyta Palmisani (360.468.2555 or nikytap@lopezsolidwaste.org)

Beaches: Nick Teague (360.468.3754 or gteague@blm.gov)

Shaw Island:

Roads or beaches: Stephanie Buffum (360.472.0404 or stephanie@sanjuans.org)

More info available at: facebook.com/TheGreatIslandsCleanUp